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Blocked Drains can cause a major issue

Whenever there is a blocked toilet, it is always an unpleasant situation. However, some blockages may cause backflow resulting in sewerage coming up in multiple places. Tree roots over time can break and block pipes, forcing your waste water to go back up the drain and into your home. If you see any signs of a blockage, you should always contact an experienced plumber. At About Plumbing Time we can fix your block drains as well as prevent them from happening again.

At About Plumbing Time we have all the suitable equipment to get your drains back to functioning as they should. There are a variety of different methods we use to unblock drains, such as:

· Hydro Powered Jet Blasters

When other methods fail, jet blasters use high pressured water to force out the rubbish in your pipes. This high pressured machine can force anything out of the pipes, traveling up to 60 meters.

· Drain Cameras

CCTV drain cameras have the ability to find the root of the cause instantly. Whatever the blockage may be, from tree stumps to cracked pipes, drain cameras can locate the issue instantly. If you were curious about what it was, ask us for a copy of the footage.

· Electric Eels

Although this tool has been around for decades, it is still one of our most valuable tools. With the ability to clear a whole range of blockages the electric eel is very efficient. This tool may seem a little complicated, but our licensed team has the ability to use this tool safely and effectively.

· Chemical Treatment

Our safest and easiest option to unblock a drain is with our special chemical treatment. At About Plumbing Time we have a variety of different chemical treatments which are suitable for a range of different blockages. Our usual technique involves using chemical treatment, followed by a clean-up with a jet blaster.

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