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Being cost effective and convenient, there is no denying that gas is the most popular energy source in Sydney. At About Plumbing Time we have the equipment and experience to assist with any gas plumbing issue. We range from a variety of services including fittings, repairs or installs. Our experienced team can assist you in installing new appliances such as ovens, stoves and barbeques.

It’s not worth the risk!

Even though your household uses natural gas, there can still be a risk if appliances aren’t installed or maintained properly. At About Plumbing Time we use strict regulations (AS/NZS5601.1:2013) on how gas equipment must be installed. To illustrate we’re following the correct safety guidelines, we provide you with a certificate of compliance once the job is complete. If you are concerned over any gas leaks, ensure you switch off the source immediately and call our experienced team.

Installing a New System

It can be a difficult decision when deciding on which appliances you want for your home. Our experienced team installs and repairs gas systems on the daily, so we have a strong idea on what systems would be suitable for your home. Not only can we give you advice for your appliances, but we can often access cheaper prices as well. Speak to our friendly team over the phone to see what we can do for you.

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