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If you have experienced a burst or a leaking pipe, your first response should be to turn off your main water supply to your house. We offer fast effective service 24/7 and can come repair your broken or leaking pipes so you can return back to relaxing with minimal interruption. If you allow your leak to continue it can cause major damage to your house.

Small leaks have the potential to do more damage to your home than burst pipe. Small leaks can be silent, therefore very hard to locate. Small leaks don’t flood the area, rather the moisture of small leak can spread through multiple walls. A small leak can go on for weeks unnoticed, causing general rust and promoting mould growth. Indicators of a leak include, increased water bills, signs of water in unexpected places, bubbly paint and/or inconsistent water pressure. If you notice any of these indicators, feel free to call our experienced team to come track down the leak and repair it efficiently.

Plumbing problems are inevitable. Whether the problem is big or small, About Plumbing Time has the team and experience to get things done fast! Even if you’re experiencing a drop in water pressure, it would be wise to call us to prevent burst pipes or other damage. We tackle all plumbing issues, big or small and have all the necessary equipment and experience to handle any job.

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