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Is your toilet not flushing properly? Is it leaking or blocked? Whatever the issue may be, our team of licensed professionals have the skills and equipment to repair or replace your toilet instantly. We experience a variety of different toilet problems every day. Call us now and we will have your toilet back to normal in no time.

Living in Australia, sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have a normal flushing toilet. For billions of people around the world this is seen as a luxury. We don’t usually notice the importance of it until something goes wrong. A common problem is for the cistern to continue leaking into the bowl post-flush, wasting a substantial amount of water over time. Other problems you may encounter can be leaky seals causing water on the floor or a weak flush, resulting in multiple flushes.

Whatever your issue may be, our experienced team of plumbers can diagnose and fix your problem instantly. Before commencing our work, we like to discuss all possible options of either repairing or replacing the system. We are available at all hours of the day and only proceed when you’re happy with the decided solution.

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